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Thursday, December 20, 2012

12.20.12 - SEPHORA Primal Instincts Palette

Hi everyone! Today's post will be about Sephora's Primal Instincts Palette. I got this during the Friends and Family sale. 
The palette comes like this, without a box. 

The back of the palette.

Here's what the palette looks like. There's also a mirror that fits the full length of the palette.

Everything is swatched under an LED light and over TFSI

Top - Bottom; L-R: Universal Beige No. 8, Sand, Camel, and Bronze

L-R: Universal Beige No. 8 is a matte off-white
Sand is a soft golden color

L-R: Camel which is a shimmery light brown
Bronze which is what it's namesake says. It's a shimmery bronze color

Top - Bottom; L-R: Gold, Apricot, Mahogony, Deep Burgundy

L-R: Gold which is definitely not gold. It's an orange-y golden brown. 
Apricot is a champagne tan color.

L-R: Mahogony is a shimmery chocolate brown shade
Deep Burgundy is definitely NOT a burgundy color at all! It's a dark brown with gold and copper shimmers

Top - Bottom; L-R: Tea Rose, Taupe, Plum, and Steel

L-R: Tea Rose is a soft brown with a red duochrome. This color isn't very pigmented which is sad because this is a gorgeous shade. The swatch above was applied in multiple layers
Taupe is a nice shimmery cool-toned brown.

L-R: Plum is a plum-y purple 
Steel is another taupe color but this one has more of a gray tone in it than Taupe does. 

L-R: Matte Brown and Must Have No. 6

L-R: Matte Brown is a deep brown
Must Have No. 6 is a very dark matte charcoal color. It's not dark enough to be black, but it's not light enough to be gray.

Overall, I really liked this palette. There are 3 matte shades and I found them to have great pigmentation. Most of the other colors are shimmery and don't have giant disco-ball glitter. Unfortunately, because these are quite soft eyeshadows (except for Tea Rose which I found to be a really hard eyeshadow), there is fall-out. 


  1. I always tell myself I don't need palettes, but then I see this and want them anyways. I haven't given in for UD's naked palettes yet. lol I'm doing good. But now I want this.

    1. And it's definitely cheaper than the UD palettes too. :)