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Monday, September 17, 2012

09.17.12 - Lavshuca, Maquillage, and T'estimo singles

Today's post is going to be of the Lavshuca Eyecolor singles, Maquillage and T'estimo singles. These are all the single Asian eyeshadows I have. 

I believe the Lavshuca ones are discontinued, as I can't find any of them. I don't really know about the Maquillage or the T'estimo ones since they came with my order/swap. A lot of these I got in a Makeupalley swap, but others were purchased on eBay. I haven't really looked up the Maquillage or the T'estimo singles so that's why I don't really know ;P

We're going to talk about the Lavshuca ones first. Look at the amazing packaging! It's super duper cute!!! ^_^;

Monday, September 10, 2012

09.10.12 - Coffret D'or: Shine Accent Eyes 01

Today's Asian Cosmetic post hails from Japan. Kanebo's Coffret D'or's Accent Eyes in shade 01.

I believe I got this in 2005(?) in a swap on Makeupalley. From what I've read Coffret D'or is Kanebo's mid-range line, gearing towards women in their late teens - twenties. As their shades are quite colorful and shimmery. 

Though the palette that I have is very neutral. ^_^;
 This is the palette. It's got a mirrored finish. As you can see, fingerprints show up easily! Though it looks very simple, it's still very elegant in a way.