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Monday, September 10, 2012

09.10.12 - Coffret D'or: Shine Accent Eyes 01

Today's Asian Cosmetic post hails from Japan. Kanebo's Coffret D'or's Accent Eyes in shade 01.

I believe I got this in 2005(?) in a swap on Makeupalley. From what I've read Coffret D'or is Kanebo's mid-range line, gearing towards women in their late teens - twenties. As their shades are quite colorful and shimmery. 

Though the palette that I have is very neutral. ^_^;
 This is the palette. It's got a mirrored finish. As you can see, fingerprints show up easily! Though it looks very simple, it's still very elegant in a way. 

 The back label. It's all in Japanese. From what I can read: 
Coffret D'or
Shine Accent Eyes
01 Orange Variation <Eyeshadow. Eyeliner>

 Please excuse the flecks of eyeshadow in the lighter shade. I was using this palette for the week. >_<

It came with these brushes:
1) All over eyeshadow brush (although the brush itself is quite big :/)
2) A regular sponge-tipped applicator
3) A smaller sponge-tipped applicator which is the perfect size for adding color at the outer corner
4) An eyeliner brush

This is the lightest shade... 

It's creamy off-white color.  
I really liked this shade and I'm not much of a neutral person. It's kind of a tan color that's more on the orange side than brown. It's very shimmery.

 I thought this was an eyeshadow base, then I read that it's a glittery eyeliner. Lol! Well, I swatched it like it was a base >_< Anyway, it's a golden glittery eyeliner (or base ;P)

 Shimmery warm taupe color. 

I believe Asian cosmetics make the BEST taupes! I love every single one I have!

 Swatches are all done over TFSI and under an LED light. The color on the furthest right is the glitter liner.  

 The bottom row is swatched over the glittery gold liner (which I thought was a base... lol)

 More swatches!

As you can see in the product images, there is a ton of fall out. As with most Asian eyeshadows that I've tried, the eyeshadows are very shimmery. The least shimmery color was the off-white. I'm also used to them not being very pigmented and quite sheer, but this palette is quite pigmented.

I don't know if this is still around, as I got it in 2005. 

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