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Monday, September 17, 2012

09.17.12 - Lavshuca, Maquillage, and T'estimo singles

Today's post is going to be of the Lavshuca Eyecolor singles, Maquillage and T'estimo singles. These are all the single Asian eyeshadows I have. 

I believe the Lavshuca ones are discontinued, as I can't find any of them. I don't really know about the Maquillage or the T'estimo ones since they came with my order/swap. A lot of these I got in a Makeupalley swap, but others were purchased on eBay. I haven't really looked up the Maquillage or the T'estimo singles so that's why I don't really know ;P

We're going to talk about the Lavshuca ones first. Look at the amazing packaging! It's super duper cute!!! ^_^;

Here's a close-up of the packaging.

What the label looks like on the back. 

As the label says, this one is WT-1






The textures of these eyeshadows are they're really soft. They remind me of Stila eyeshadows. That also means, fall-out city! This is what's left after I swatched the colors! I didn't even swatch it too hard. 

Everything is swatched over TFSI and under an LED light

L-R: WT-1, BG-1, and BR-1

WT-1 is a frosty off-white
BG-1 is a shimmery sky blue
BR-1 is a GORGEOUS tan with gold and coppery shimmer. This is my favorite out of all the shades I have.

L-R: BR-2, BU-1, and PU-2

BR-2 is a brown with golden shimmers
BU-1 is a shimmery ice blue
PU-2 is a light violet

Here's a single I have of the Maquillage single. These come in a slide-out plastic package. I actually really like how these are packaged.

Maquillage is a higher brand than Lavshuca is. I believe Lavshuca is drugstore and Maquillage is a department store brand. It explains why the packaging is more sturdier than the Lavshuca ones. While the Lavshuca ones are very cute and etc, the packaging is quite cheap. 

As you can see, the Maquillage brand is from Shisheido. Here's the label of the eyeshadow. 

These singles can be put into any Maquillage compacts, so these are refills of some sort.  As you see, this shade is RD748

Here's what the product looks slid out of the packaging.

I love the pattern ^_^

T'estimo is from Kanebo and is also a department store brand. T'estimo has been discontinued and has been replaced by Coffret D'or. 
While the Maquillage one is a slide-out compact, this one is a flip top one. 

This is what the label looks like. As the label says, this is shade is PK-42

I love how it looks :)

L-R: T'estimo PK-42 and Maquillage RD748

PK-42 is a sheer white with a ton of shimmer
RD748 is a burgundy with a brown undertone and has golden sparkles

Why can't our drugstore products look like Lavshucas? ;__;

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