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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

10.03.12 - Urban Decay VICE PALETTE Swatches

Quick swatches on Urban Decay Vice Palette
 This is what the packaging looks like...

 There's a foam thinger that protects the jewelled UD logo....

 Underneath the foam thinger...

The texture of the palette is like NARS packaging. It's rubbery. That's the only way I can describe it. It does get dirty rather easily :(

On the bottom of the outside palette is a button which you press to open the palette. There's a spring mechanism... since it pops open...

 Here's the palette at an angle...

 So pretty ^__^;

 Lol, I put my iPhone there to show how big the mirror is. It's a really nice mirror and quite light-weight. It doesn't weigh the palette down at all.

 Here's the double-ended brush.

 One side is a shader brush...

The other side is a blending brush...

Here are the first four colors that I'll be swatching..

 After swatching, I noticed that a lot of the eyeshadows have a ton of fall out :(

Everything is swatched over TFSI and in indirect sunlight
L-R: Desperation, Muse, Junkie, and Chaos 
 L-R: Desperation & Muse

 A close-up of Desperation




As bright as Chaos looks in the pan it's a little hard to get a lot of pigmentation. Maybe it's just my palette?

 Look at the crazy flakiness of Provocateur

Fall-out heaven!

L-R: Provocateur, Rapture, Nevermind, and Echo Beach




Echo Beach 

L-R: Jagged, Blitz, Occupy, and Unhinged


 L-R: Jagged and Blitz
L-R: Blitz, Occupy, and Unhinged

 L-R: Occupy and Unhinged

 Look at the sporadic gold glitter in Noise

 L-R: Vice, Noise, Anonymous, and Freebird

 L-R: Vice and Noise

 L-R: Vice, Noise, and Anonymous

 L-R: Noise, Anonymous, Freebird


 L-R: Penny Lane, Black Market. Armor, and Laced

L-R: Penny Lane and Black Market

L-R: Penny Lane and Black Market

L-R: Black Market, Armor, and Laced

L-R: Armor and Laced

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  1. Awesome shades. I like the blue tone shades. All variety if shades are present in this kit. Thanks for sharing this informative post.