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Thursday, November 29, 2012

11.29.12 - TARTE neutralEYES volume II

It's been awhile. As I've said a billion times before, I'm going to try to update this blog as much as possible or when I have ideas. I have a TON of things to swatch. When I say a TON, I mean it.

Today's review and swatches are from the TARTE neutralEYES volume II palette.

 This is what the packaging looks like. It includes a mini TARTE lifted natural eye primer, a double ended brush, and an eyeliner (not pictured).

 This photo was taken with a flash. I thought it showed the colors best...

Swatches are done over TFSI and under an LED light.

Here are the first four colors on the left. 

All four swatched. This photo was done with a flash...

w/o flash but under LED light (the rest is under LED lighting)

 You can't really see these shades on my skin tone. Lol! The one on the left is more yellow and the one on the right is more pink. 

This photo shows them to be kind of chunky but they're actually not. Maybe it's just the angle of the photo? The one on the right is a pink-based champagne color. The one on the right is a sheer pink with a golden duochrome. It's really hard to tell you what each color is called as none of them have names or numbers.

 At an angle... so you can see more of the golden duochrome for the color on the right.

 I noticed that all the satin-y shades (the top row of the palette) kick up a TON of fall-out. But the eyeshadows themselves are very soft and finely milled.

Here is the next four...

I think this set of four colors go very well together :)

Left: yellow-toned beige
Right: Soft (sheer) brown

Left: Brown with a golden duochrome
Right: Soft metallic-y mauve

Here are the colors at an angle...

 The last two in the palette...

Left: Dark cocoa brown 
Right: Sheer shimmery copper

Conclusion: Overall, I like the formula. This is my first time trying their eyeshadows. I noticed that (maybe it's just this palette?!) their eyeshadows are more on the sheer side. Their mattes are very soft and feels as if they may come out a bit chalky and has a TON of fall-out. Their shimmery shades are to die for but they're still very sheer.

Honestly, I think this palette is great for "DAY" or "office appropriate" looks because they're all very soft. No giant chunks of glitter or shimmerballs :P (lol). It looks colors that make you look "put-together". I think that's the only way to describe it. ^_^;


  1. That's a very nice way to put it. It's pretty, but not a "wow" palette!

    1. I think it'd work best for work environments with a strict dress code or people that are just starting out, though I don't think the price tag would be great for the people starting out :P