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Thursday, November 29, 2012

11.29.12 - Hard Candy: Single & Loving It!

I was in Wal-Mart the other day buying toothpaste and I went and wandered into the beauty aisle, cuz what makeup-obsessed person DOESN'T!? And encountered these gems!

These eyeshadows were a WHOPPING $3 (each)!!!!! 

 What they look like out of the boxes. I think the boxes are super cute; as are the actual little compacts. 

Here's what is imprinted on all the lids...

 What the back looks like...

Now, onto the good stuff! Everything is swatched under an LED light and over TFSI
 Night Out - Matte black with gold glitter

Magnetic - Gray with silver glitter
 Minx - Purple with a blue duochrome

Unattached - Sheer lime green with a golden duochrome

Infatuation - Soft peach-beige with a very subtle hint of red sheen

 L-R: Infatuation, Unattached, and Minx

L-R: Magnetic and Night Out

What do I think of these? I think they're pretty amazing. Though, I find Unattached quite sheer; most of them have great color payoff. They're smooth and easy to blend and... for $3, it's a damn great deal! I've seen that they had a few more shades but I was drawn to these shades instead.

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