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Sunday, December 23, 2012

12.23.12 - Shiro Cosmetics

Merry Christmas's Eve's Eve! ^_^;; 

This is the third time I have ordered from Shiro Cosmetics. The first time being about 2 years ago, and the second when she came out with the Death Note collection. 

When Caitlin posted her new Christmas glosses, I had to have them! Not for me, but for other people.  [No swatches!, just quick photos of them since like I said, they're for other people]. Also, when she made her new Color of the Month, I had to have it! 

Anyway, onto the photos! Here's what I got in my package. She included some candy (not shown, as they've been sucked down already LOL) and two samples. 

Here's a larger pic of the glosses. Top-Bottom: Leg Lamp, Red Ryder, and Triple Dog Dare

The two samples she included. Everything is taken under an LED light and swatched over TFSI

Eye Contact which is a medium pink with a blue undertone. 

Deku is a bronze with copper shimmers.

Just look at the label *dies laughing*

And the name of this eyeshadow :P It's just awesome. I had to have it, as I am a retail employee that has to work super long hours during the holiday season.

The Tears of Retail Employees


The Tears of a Retail Employee is a very complex color! I love it! This color reminds me of the iridescent Swarovski crystals. It's got a shimmery white/golden cast with blue, red, and purple sheens depending on the light. I tried capturing it in all the photos above. O_o;

Zelda which is a metallic salmon color with some golden shimmers

Everything is Bears. I had been eyeing this color for awhile...

Chimera was another color I had been eyeing for awhile.

Everything is Bears which is a medium brown which has a golden sheen and shimmer

Chimera is another complex color. It's a gray with a golden sheen and has red, blue, and orange shimmers. 

Her eyeshadows (and INTERTUBES) are LOVE! If you haven't tried Shiro Cosmetics, you're missing out! Also, you should check out her Facebook page. Where there's a poll every month to see what the next color of the month will be. 

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