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Saturday, December 29, 2012

12.28.12 - Darling Girl Cosmetics

I ordered from Darling Girl Cosmetics awhile ago and just got around to swatching it >_>; [I wanted to post the Holiday collections before I worked on the other things first; more Halloween collections coming up after this post X_x; See how slow I'm getting? Lol]

Here's what I ordered.

Everything is swatched under an LED light and over TFSI

She included two samples



ZOMBIES! and Fira

ZOMBIES! - a soft lilac shade with red shimmers

I know it's showing more lavender, but that's because of my LED light. -_-;

Fira - copper with red shimmers


Obviously a Wig [I wanted to get this color for the longest time]

Phantom of the Taupera [Another color I wanted for awhile but they were out for awhile]

L-R: Bedevil. Obviously a Wig, and Phantom of the Taupera

Bedevil - Rich violet with a blue sheen and red sparkles

Obviously a Wig - Fuschia (spelling?????) with a blue sheen and shimmers
Phantom of the Taupera - Very light taupe color with a green sheen and aqua shimmers

Sultry Siren

Comet (I had a sample of this and wanted to get a full size once I finished it)

Miss Argentina

L-R: Sultry Siren, Comet, Miss Argentina

Sultry Siren - a gray with a strong green duochrome and purple shimmers

Comet - Plum brown with a turquoise duochrome and shimmers

Sultry Siren and Comet

Miss Argentina - Sea green with purple shimmers

Comet and Miss Argentina

Comet and Miss Argentina


Beau Monde

Taupe a la Mode

Papercut, Beau Monde, and Taupe a la Mode

Papercut - Brown with a green sheen

Beau Monde  - Taupe with a blue-violet sheen

Taupe a la Mode - Taupe with blue shimmers

I think Darling Girl Cosmetics has the best taupes around and her duochromes are really nice too. Have you checked out Darling Girl Cosmetics?

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