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Sunday, December 9, 2012

12.09.12 - Urban Decay NAKED BASICS

When I heard that Urban Decay was coming out with a smaller all-matte palette, I was all for it! That was awhile ago. I saw a sneak peak that someone posted on twitter and was wondering when it was going to come out. Lo and behold! A few weeks ago, they announced the Naked Basics palette. 

So I used the money I working on Black Friday and waited impatiently to get notified that it was on the website so I could buy it. I got the email notification while I was at work (lucky me, I can use my phone at work) and I tried to purchase it... It kept saying it was out of stock! I was so sad. One of my co-workers wanted to buy it too so she wanted to see if I could get it so SHE could get one also. (She can't have her phone on her... I'm in a higher position she is and am constantly contacted by the managers so... that's the only reason why I could have my phone. <--totally off topic ;P)

I was sad because it's being sold on the site first then you have to wait around February or something (I forgot) for it to show up in UlTA or Sephora... :/ But I was impatient and wanted it! Lol -_-;

Alas, I think the truth was they sent out the emails too early because when I got home, I was able to order it O_O;;; 

Anyway, that was my story LOL, here's the actual product >__>;

*halo sounds* Lol! Anyway, this is the packaging. If you know what the Vice Palette 's packaging was like...the NAKED BASICS has the same texture. It's quite sturdy so you can toss it in your bag and I did have it in my bag when I got it and it hasn't shattered.
Everything is swatched under an LED light and over TFSI

The palette in all it's glory, being washed out by my flash (accident! I promise!) The palette also includes a nice mirror, though, it doesn't weigh the palette down.

A thing of beauty... ^_^

Venus is the only shimmery shade. This is a shimmery off-white (with a yellow undertone)

FOXY - Light ivory

All the shades after Venus are matte

Walk of Shame / W.O.S - Off-white with a pink undertone. 

Naked 2 was the color I wanted this palette for. It's a soft fawn color. 

Faint reminds me of the color of chocolate, not milk chocolate, but just plain chocolate.

Crave may look black but to me it looks like it's a very dark brown. You can definitely see that there is a brown undertone (if you look close enough). It reminds me of a burned tree... That's the only way I could describe it.

If you love neutral shades and MATTEs: this is a great palette for you! Everything is pigmented and buttery soft. And at $27, YAY! ♥

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  1. I love mine, I use it every single day! I use Faint for my brows and Crave for my liner.