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Sunday, December 9, 2012

12.09.12 - Laura Mercier Artist's Palette For Eyes

When Sephora had their Friends & Family sale... I got a few things. One of them was this:

What the box looks like... Nice and textured...

This is what the actual palette looks like. Honestly, I don't like the packaging of the palette. It reminds me of ELF palettes for some reason. It feels quite cheap.

The palette includes a nice big mirror and 12 eyeshadows that range in different textures. The top row colors have either shimmer or glitter (mostly shimmer), while the bottom row are all matte shades. 

Everything was taken in indirect daylight (in bad weather -_-; ) and swatched over TFSI

Chocolate and African Violet looks so pretty in their pans...

Vanilla Nuts and Plum Smoke

This is what happens when you use them. Fall-out heaven. 

Chocolate and African Violet

Both shades are very pigmented and shimmery. African Violet has more of a metallic cast and is slightly chunkier than Chocolate.

Chocolate is a rich brown with gold sparkles
African Violet is a mauve with a pink metallic cast and has a golden duochrome and shimmers

Vanilla Nuts and Plum Smoke

As you can see, both Vanilla Nuts and Plum Smoke are mattes. They're very smooth mattes but they're not very pigmented. 

Vanilla Nuts - Ivory
Plum Smoke - Plum-brown

Plum Smoke was disappointing because this color was what I was looking forward to the most as these types are my favorite colors...

Sable and Guava

Cafe au Lait and Coffee Ground

Sable and Guava

Both of these have a satin finish.
Sable is a taupe with slight silver shimmers
Guava is a yellow based pink with fine silver glitters

Cafe au Lait and Coffee Ground

Cafe au Lait makes me think of milk chocolate. This color is very smooth and velvet-y
Coffee Ground is like what the namesake is. It's the color of coffee grounds. This eyeshadow comes out a little patchy...

Cameo and Sunlit

Deep Night and Rich Coffee

Sorry for the bad lighting in these... The sun decided to hide...

Cameo and Sunlight
Cameo is a shimmery (also slightly chunky) copper with a pink metallic sheen.
Sunlight is a shimmery champagne gold color.

Deep Night and Rich Coffee

Deep Night is a gorgeous matte navy blue
Rich Coffee is a deep rich dark brown color

All in all, despite the disappointment of Vanilla Nuts and Plum Smoke; I think this is a great palette. I don't think it's worth the $48 though because of the cheap packaging and the less than stellar pigmentation of those two shades I mentioned above. But I think this is still a great neutral palette. 

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