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Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Since I haven't been purchasing much lately (good for my wallet ;P), I decided that I wanted to re-swatch my Asian cosmetics (once that's done, I'll figure out what else to do LOL). Plus, since I'm still playing around with my new camera... ^_^;;;

Unfortunately, the thing I wanted to do (label photos by writing with my drawing tablet)... failed, I just decided to post up the photos anyway. [The tablet was being weird. I think I have to re-install the driver :/]

I babble too much! :P Onto the actual post!!

 Now this is a Japanese drugstore brand called Lavshuca. This is the first Asian cosmetic product I had ever purchased. I mean, can't you see all the scratches and scuffs on the packaging? :P 

Why can't our drugstore brands have adorable packaging like this?!

These first two photos were taken with a flash. Honestly, I forgot to turn the flash off >_<

 Yay! I washed out the colors with the flash! X-x; 

This particular "collection" is from the: [Hopefully, I can read it with my Japanese 'skills'] 

This set is called PK-1

It comes with a double ended applicator. One side is a very nice eyeshadow brush and the other is a pointed sponged tip applicator. I actually like using these (Can't you tell by the dirty applicator? :P)

 Without flash and in indirect light

The three shades are: a shimmery vanilla, soft shimmery pink, and a shimmery taupe

I've noticed that a lot of Asian eyeshadows are shimmery and quite sheer. 

Swatched over UDPP and in indirect light (no flash)

This can't be said about this palette. These shades are quite pigmented. They're also very shimmery.

I purchased this palette on eBay and you can't really find this any more since it's pretty old (I believe 4 years old???). But this palette was what started my love for Asian cosmetics. ^_^;

This trio is what I grab if I don't know what to wear and feel like wearing eyeshadow. 

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