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Sunday, August 19, 2012

08.19.12 - Victoria Secret: the NAKEDs palette

Went to the mall today just to walk around and cool down from the heat (I LOVE YOU AC! lol) Anyway, I wandered into Victoria's Secret because I wanted to check out their the NAKED palette. I swatched the shades and liked what I saw... So I bought it >_<. I also bought some LOVE SPELL scents, since it's my favorite scent :) But that's not what this post is about!
All swatches are done over UDPP and taken with a flash

This palette has 10 eyeshadows, an eyeliner, and a dual-ended eyeshadow brush (which is crap! :P)

Why did I check this out instead of the famous Urban Decay Naked (and Naked 2) palettes? Other than the obvious reason that this one is cheaper but these colors appeal to me more than the shades in the Naked  (and Naked 2) palettes.

L-R: Barely Pink and Copper Sand
L-R: Barely Pink and Copper Sand

Barely Pink is a very soft shimmery pink color. 
Copper Sand is a soft metallic orange shade
L-R: Graystone and Brown Sable
L-R: Graystone and Brown Sable

Graystone is a shimmery taupe 
Brown Sable is a satin-y brown

L-R: Charcoal Black and Sparkling Black
L-R: Sparkling Black and Charcoal Black

These colors are described as their names. :P

L-R: Smoky Lilac and Sparkling Brown
L-R: Smoky Lilac and Sparkling Brown

Smoky Lilac is a shimmery warm taupe
Sparkling Brown is a satin-y warn brown

L-R: Warm Vanilla and Tawny Pink
L-R: Warm Vanilla and Tawny Pink

Warm Vanilla is a satin-y cream color. This shade was kind of chalky
Tawny Pink is a beautiful pink-toned tan color.

I noticed that all these shades are mostly shimmery or have a satin finish. As I said above, the only color that wasn't very good was Warm Vanilla. I actually had to kind of dig into the product to get some color pay off.

I also noticed that these tend to accumulate a lot of fall-out. I didn't swatch the colors very hard (except Warm Vanilla) and look at the mess!

All in all, I really do like this palette and am thinking of making this my everyday work wear. Usually, I use the TooFaced Natural Eye palette, but I like these better since they have more of a variety of colors to choose from :)

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