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Sunday, July 29, 2012

07.29.12 - Venomous Cosmetics

So, I follow Venomous Cosmetics on FB and the owner posted her new colors and I got super excited especially for one color in particular. When she stated that they were in her shop, I quickly grabbed them up! I believe it's the Just Beachy collection. I can't really tell since the site is kind of weird right now and the FB photos didn't really say which was which >_<;;

Here's my order!

I admit, it did take awhile to arrive. Almost a month (?). Around the second week, I was looking around her FB and her site to check out the TAT but couldn't find it, or I was blind. The weeks afterwards, I was busy with life >_< and completely forgot to check.

A few days ago, lo and behold!!! I got my package! It was shipped in a bubble mailer. The products were wrapped in pink bubble wrap up the wazoo! O_o; Needless to say nothing was damaged. Lol.

She sent a few extras, the photo above shows the Lip Posion samples she sent but... I can't seem to find them >_< so I didn't swatch them ;___; Sorry!

Among the sample lip poisons, I also got a pen, a full-sized pressed shadow, and a coupon code for a free Lip Poison mini. ^_^ It's her way of apologizing for the long delay. [It said so in her hand-written note]

 No special labels on top of the lids, but inside... there's a sifter and two labels. On the inside of each lid are ingredients' listings and on top of the sifters are labels with a tab. I always chuck the sifters since I don't like them :P.

 The font's kind of hard to read on the ingredients' listings and some of the text comes out a bit blurry.

Anyway, onto the products... Everything is swatched over Fyrinnae's Pixie Epoxy or otherwise noted; and in indirect sunlight
 Summer Breeze

Summer Breeze is a pinky-lavender and has red and golden sparkles. The golden sparkles overpower the red sparkles, though.


I had a hard time taking a pic of this. It's a GORGEOUS color! You can even see it in the jar (just not in this photo X_x; ) Oceanfront is a greenish blue (more blue than green) with a ton of purple shimmer and I don't know if you can see but there's also an olive green shimmer. It's a really interesting color O_O;

 L-R: Summer Breeze & Oceanfront
 L-R: Summer Breeze & Oceanfront

Shown at an angle to hopefully catch the different colored shimmers...

I used Pixie Epoxy because I tried swatching over UDPP and none of the shimmer held :( Also, it wasn't as vibrant either... So I tried on Pixie Epoxy and this is the result.

Moving on...
Footprints in the Sand

This is a jewel-toned purple with a lot of golden shimmers


This color was the one I wanted so very much! ^_^;;; It's a red with a pinkish sheen and golden shimmers. It's almost a duochrome with how much gold shimmer's in there.... 
L-R: Footprints in the Sand & Boardwalk

As you can see here, Footprints in the Sand doesn't swatch as warmly as it looks in the jar. In fact, it's a very cool-toned purple.  
 L-R: Footprints in the Sand & Boardwalk

Shown at an angle to enhance any shimmers or duochromes...

This is the free full-sized pressed shadow that I received. Sand Dollar

 Sand Dollar it's such a gorgeous color! Actually, it reminds me of an Urban Decay color. Uh oh... maybe I'll be doing a new INDIE DUPE post. Lol! No...this is the only other shade that I have of that color...

 Sand Dollar is a gorgeous metallic-y dull gold color. I can't really explain it, but it's beautiful! :) This shade was swatched over UDPP

 Here it is at an show off the awesomeness of it. 

Tee hee! I was happy to receive this. You can never get too many pens! I needed an extra ballpoint pen (I'm not joking)! I was seriously about to buy some too, then I got this. Mwahahahahah! Lol!

Now, I have to be honest with you, while I think the colors are GORGEOUS!!!!! The formula... I'm not a big fan of. Usually I can swatch things/wear the eyeshadows on UDPP or TFSI and it'll stay put or it'll come out more vibrant than when you apply it dry. Over both UDPP and TFSI, the colors came out quite dull and wiped off easily. These, btw, only apply to the loose eyeshadows. Though, the pressed one, I had no problem with...

In conclusion, would I buy from Venomous Cosmetics again? Right now I'm thinking that I'll have to give them another shot so I can't answer that now...

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