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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

07.24.12 - Facebomb Cosmetics

Awhile ago, Facebomb Cosmetics had a sale. Buy 1, Get 1 Free! I used that opportunity to purchase some collections that I had been eyeing for awhile O_O;

I'm checking their site right now and I can't find the collections any more. I see some of the shades sold separately, but not the whole collections. The ones I purchased were: the Legend of Zelda vol 2 and the Empire Sparkles Back (lol! cute name :D)
Everything is swatched in indirect sunlight and over TFSI. I'm not good at describing colors, but I will try :)

Let's start with the Legend of Zelda vol 2
 Oracle of Seasons

 Kotake & Koume

 L-R: Kotake & Koume

Kotake is a soft shimmery pink
Kotake is a violet with a blue shift and has blue and white sparkles

 Happy Mask Sales Man

 Oracle of Ages

L-R: Happy Mask Sales Man & Oracle of Ages

Happy Mask Sales Man is a medium blue with a metallic-y blue sheen running through it
Oracle of Ages is a shimmery sky blue

Dark Link

 Dark Link

Dark Link is the shade I wanted the most when I saw someone else do a swatch of it. O_o; My swatch doesn't do this shade justice! Dark Link is a gorgeous dark forest green that has red, white, gold, and red sparkles throughout it.

Now, we'll look at the Empire Sparkles Back (hehehe! I can't get over this name :D)

Lando's Betrayal


 I Am Your Father (sorry for the crap photo! It was the only way I could capture the sparkles)

 L-R: Lando's Betrayal, HOTH, and I Am Your Father

Lando's Betrayal is a true blue with slight shimmers
HOTH is a beautiful satin-y white shade
I Am Your Father is a soft black with blue and gold sparkles

 My Backpacks Got Jets


 Oracle of Secrets [AH! This was supposed to be in the Legend of Zelda vol 2 set...WHOOPS! Maybe I just wanted to confuse you ;D]

L-R: My Backpacks Got Jets, Carbonite, and Oracle of Secrets

These swatches didn't turn out well in my lighting. I guess it's because they're quite metallic.
My Backpacks Got Jets is a light gray with a metallic sheen
Carbonite is a medium charcoal with a slight purple undertone and also has a metallic sheen
Oracle of Secrets is a sheer light shimmery green. This one comes out a bit frosty

 I Know

Imma Firin Mah Lazer!

[This was a freebie]

L-R: I Know & Imma Firin Mah Lazer!

I Know is a soft blue-based pink that's quite satin-y
Imma Firin Mah Lazer! is a shimmery green with a slight golden sheen

Overall, I really like Facebomb's formula. From what I have, the colors are beautiful and unique (Hello! Dark Link anyone? :D~) and are easy to blend. It's not as "creamy" as a lot of other companies' formulas but it's not like it's chalky or chunky or hard to blend or apply. ^_^

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