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Monday, June 4, 2012

06.04.12 - Madd Style Cosmetic's Twisted & Psychedlic Wonderlands

Awhile ago, Madd Style Cosmetics came out with two new collections. The Psychedlic Wonderland and Twisted Wonderland. Once I saw them, I had to get them O_o;

According to the site: Madd Style Cosmetix turned 2 years old earlier this month and to celebrate we are launching TWO new Alice in Wonderland inspired collections! This one is inspired by the darker side of Wonderland...

The actual products were packaged very well. There was one slight problem... one of the baggie glitters had a TEENY TINY hole in it and during shipping, exploded all over :P 
Oh, look at the mess. 


Even though the glitter exploded, thankfully, it wasn't a LOT. So, I had no problem with it ;) I just cleaned off all the jars.

THE CULPRIT! RAWR :P I taped the edge of it where there was a teeeny hole!

The first set I'll show you is Twisted Wonderland. It's a set of 5 eyeshadows. There's also glitter but I didn't swatch it since I completely forgot >__< I'm not doing so well with swatching everything I receive lately. 

Everything was taken under an OTT-LITE and over TFSI. All descriptions are from Madd Style Cosmetics. (Since I'm bad at descriptions and will only do them if there are none ;D)

Curiouser & Curiouser

Curiouser & Curiouser - Inspired by the Cheshire Cat. Deep Purple with aqua glitter.

Fade Away

Fade Away - Lavender gray with a stormy blue haze that has kisses of blue and pink sparkles.

Pool of Tears

Pool of Tears -  Deep teal with copper flecks.

L-R: Curiouser & Curiouser, Fade Away, and Pool of Tears

Madd Tea Party

Madd Tea Party Black with LOTS of rainbow sparkles!

Raven Feathers

Raven Feathers - This color is SO. VERY. HARD. to capture. It's a black base that changes from teal to blue to oil slick black in the light. In low light it changes from a black to a deep plum and navy

L-R: Madd Tea Party and Raven Feathers

They look almost alike, but I believe it's just my lighting...

Here they are at another angle

There's also a glitter, but I don't have this one. EAT ME - black glitter (while supplies last!)

Now, we're going on to the Psychedlic Wonderland set

Who R U?

Okay, why do my photos turn out sideways sometimes? I didn't edit any of these photos -_-; I didn't even take them in that direction *sigh*

Who R U? -  A bright kelly green with green glitter..

Down the Rabbit Hole

Down the Rabbit Hole  - This one is very hard to capture on camera. It's an opaque white with LOTS of holographic sparkle.

Girl with the most cake. 
Girl with the most cake. -  A pink icing color with blasts of hot pink and gold sparkle.

What?! Another sideways pic? D:

Top - Bottom: Girl with the most cake., Down the Rabbit Hole, and Who R U?

UnBirthday Star

UnBirthday Star A shimmery bright yellow.

Mushroom Jazz A vibrant tangerine

Oh, I'm missing the actual product photo. -_-; Wow, this blog post is a major fail. X_x;

Anyway, here are the swatches.
L-R: UnBirthday Star & Mushroom Jazz

This set comes with Drink Me glitter [while supplies last] which is a holographic glitter. That's the glitter that exploded in my order ;P

If I had to choose which set I liked the best, I'd choose the Twisted Wonderland one. Most of my favorite colors were in that one. My faves are: Cuiouser & Curiouser, Pool of Tears, and Raven Feathers.

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