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Sunday, June 3, 2012

06.03.12 - Darling Girl's "Sweet Sixteen"

Awhile ago, someone in one of my Facebook groups wanted a collection based on the Sixteen Candles movie. Susan, of Darling Girl Cosmetics was up for the challenge!

She did a pre-order for the collection and I snatched it up O_O;;;
Here's how they came in. Super adorable packaging! I really didn't want to un-wrap them ;_;

This was what was in the zebra print baggie. Free samples, stickers, and business cards :)

I loved this tissue paper so much that I kept it >_> You'll see it in some of my other posts. Lol! 

Here they are! These are all her petit sizes 

The bottom jar labels... 

They all come with sifters, but I took them all out. I don't like sifters. This particular one leaked but it's okay. It didn't leak all over. :D

Borrowed Underpants

Borrowed Underpants [All descriptions are from her site :) ]

Pale peach with turquoise flash.
Farmer Ted

Farmer Ted Cocoa brown with pink shift.

The Dress

The Dress  Lilac pink with pink sheen and rainbow sparkles.

err...why did this photo come out sideways? Anyway,  swatched under an OTT-LITE and over TFSI

Top-Bottom: Borrowed Underpants, Farmer Ted, and The Dress

Donger Need Food

Donger Need Food - Soft milk chocolate with green shift.

Sexxy Girlfriend!

Sexxy Girlfriend!  Mint green with pink shift and aqua sparkle.

L-R: Donger Need Food & Sexxy Girlfriend! 

L-R: Donger Need Food Sexxy Girlfriend! 
Shown at a different angle to show the duochrome shifts

If You Were Here

If You Were Here Mauve with blue shift and soft pink sparkles.

Oily Variety Bohunk

Oily Variety Bohunk Blackened reddish bronze with tiny gold sparkles.

L-R: If You Were Here & Oily Variety Bohunk

I must say, I love this collection. The names are ADORABLE and are definitely based on the movie, which I love!!!! ^_^;;;

I can't tell you which shades I loved the best since I love them all! O_O;;;; :P Don't worry! This collection is permanent! ^_^ So go get yourself a set!!!

[edit] I just realized I didn't swatch the free samples! And since I did this post ahead of time... I don't know where they are and which ones they are X_x; WHOOPS! [/edit]

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