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Sunday, May 27, 2012

05.27.12 - Aromaleigh's MUSE Collection

Aromaleigh released two new collections in late March. One of them was the MUSE collection. The other was the BLOOM collection

I was drawn to the MUSE shades so that's what I got. 

Here's what I got. There were only five shades in the collection when I purchased them. Now, there's 10. So here are the first shades that were released:

Everything was photographed in daylight and over TFSI
Descriptions are from the Aromaleigh site:

Clio is a warm-toned muted cocoa with grey undertones.

Mneme is a subtle and muted warm creamy yellow.

Thalia is a midtone muted rose with undertones of taupe and lavender.

L-R: Clio, Mneme, and Thalia
L-R: Clio, Mneme, and Thalia

I was surprised about Thalia. Thalia looked to be darker than it comes out. 

Bia is a soft midtone shade, a muted heather grey cocoa.

Harmonia is a delicate taupe grey with undertones of buff and lilac.

L-R: Bia & Harmonia
L-R: Bia Harmonia

These two shades were the ones I was looking forward to trying out the most. These didn't disappoint!

I wanted to try this collection because everyone had raved about Aromaleigh's plush formula. I have a few Aromaleigh products (ver 1 and 2) and don't have a single plush one :P I must say I really do like this finish. It's soft and velvety. They're not overly shimmery, it's not satin-y. It's...well...velvet! ^_^;;

Overall, I liked most of the shades. The only disappoint shade was Thalia, but that's okay. 

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