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Sunday, May 27, 2012

05.27.12 - Detrivore Cosmetics

I have for you today, Detrivore Cosmetics. I got this a few months ago >_> Wow, I'm so behind. Lol! It was also my first time purchasing from them. They had a sale. I believe it was 10 (full sizes) for $20 plus there was another coupon so I got it cheaper than $20 ^_^;

Here are all the shades I got. I must say, I LOVE Detrivore! Like I said, it's my first time trying them and OMFG! WHY IS IT THE FIRST TIME!?!?!? :P~

Sorry, I promise I have calmed down. 
Now, I haven't come across a lot of indie companies that make mattes. Or not-so-shimmery-almost-glitter-bomb shades (like mine LOL) and I must say that Detrivore does an AMAZING job at it. Do you want some mattes? Not so shimmery/glitter ones? Choose Detrivore!

If I type too much, it's because I'm hyper >_>

Everything is photographed in daylight and over TFSI

Heathen was a free sample. 

Bog Body

L-R: Heathen & Bog Body

Heathen is a rustic metallic-type orange. 
Bog Body is a mint green and has a matte finish.

Btw, most of the shades I got were mattes :)



L-R: Hemogoblin & Sacrilege

Hemogoblin is an amazingly rich matte red! Can I say AMAZING again?
Sacrilege is a gorgeous medium taupe shade. To me, it kind of has a satin finish. 

I think I'm trying to buy all the taupes of all the indies O_O;



L-R: Porcelain & Gourd

Porcelain is a beautiful warm pink-beige. It's a little darker than my skin tone (as you can see here). 
Gourd is a warm orange shade. [My brain isn't working when describing this shade X_x;]

Both of these have a satin-y finish also. 

White Chapel


L-R: White Chapel & Glacier

White Chapel is a pigmented slightly shimmery white. 
Glacier is a matte cornflower blue.




Crystalline is a gorgeous shimmery duochrome ice blue shade. 

Vulture is a satin-y plummy taupe shade. 

Lotus is a gorgeous matte; medium blue based pink.

I must say that I love LOVE LOOOVE all the shades. The formula is amazing! None of the colors I got were chalky. They applied smoothly and easily and blended easily!

My favorite shades are: Hemogoblin, Sacrilege, Vulture, and Lotus.

Lotus really surprised me. I think most people have a hard time pulling off pink eyeshadow because it'll make it look like they've been crying all day or something. But this shade is GORGEOUS! ^_^;;;

Everyone should check Detrivore out!!!!!! Cuz I say so ;)

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