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Saturday, May 26, 2012

05.26.12 - Chinovi Cosmetics

Awhile ago, I ordered from a new company called Chinovi Cosmetics. I ordered their 2 sets of sample baggies. (8 baggies for $5).

Here's what I got :)
Here's how they were packaged. I'm sure they came in a bubble mailer, but don't recall since it's been awhile >_<;;; 

One baggie contained business cards and some extras (like candy!), the other one contained all the samples :) Sorry for the quick post! 

Here's all the sample baggies (and business card) all spread about!

All swatched over TFSI. From L-R: Smokeout, Secrets, Monster

Bubble, Blame, Punkins

Tears, Sauced, Dance

Desert Rain, Troll, Marquee

Ocean, Candy Hearts, Marquee

Rock On, Hiccup (free sample)

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