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Sunday, April 8, 2012

04.08.12 - NARS Lhasa

My first review in this format will be a taupe. Why a taupe? Because I LOVE TAUPES! Lol! Anyway, this is going to be about NARS's Lhasa. First of all,  how do you even pronounce it? O_o; Is it like "Lah-sa?" or "Laha-sa?" 

At first, I thought this was a limited edition shade which is, also, why I wanted to do this review first. I only thought it was limited edition because everyone was saying how fast this was selling out. Maybe I should've done my research first >_>;

Anyway, this is described as a "shimmery lavender-grey". Looking at it in the pan, it does look quite shimmery. In the photo I posted, you can see the specks of shimmer. But it is not shimmery at all. 

I, personally, purchased mine in a Sephora store. But you can purchase this at:
Any place that sells NARS products.

Price: $24

As with any NARS eyeshadow, it comes in a sleek matte black compact that includes a mirror that fits in the entire lid of the compact. The compact has a velvety surface and it does get dirty rather easily.

The texture on this particularly shade is a nice velvety-satin. It's smooth and very easy to blend.  I believe the pigmentation could be a little better. It comes off a slightly sheer but you can build it up or use a base before applying the eyeshadow to generate the amount of pigmentation you desire.

Swatched over TFSI and in indirect sunlight. If you look at the swatch, it doesn't appear to be shimmery at all. It shows up more as a satin finish.

I stated in my previous post that I'm going to include DUPES and try to go mostly with INDIE companies. But sometimes, I'd like to include other brands (drugstore, department store, higher end, etc.) . I know other bloggers just mention what this product is a dupe of this product, but I'd like to show photos :D I can't help it. I love playing with my camera. Lol

Urban Decay dupe of NARS' Lhasa

Yes, this is their "new" [not really new since it was in a previous palette] shade in their new packaging. As of now, this is the only shade I have that's in their new packaging. This was also the one that made me want to re-do my whole blog even more because I wanted to share dupes.

Anyway, I received my order a few days after I got Lhasa and I realized that they looked similar. 

Urban Decay describes Mushroom as a "warm pale gray"

Price: $18

Everything was swatched over TFSI and in indirect sunlight. 
Lhasa shows up with a plum undertone. It's not as pigmented as Mushroom since I had to apply it a few times to build up the color. Mushroom has more of a brown undertone. If you compare their textures, Mushroom is a LOT smoother in application and easier to apply. Could it be because of their new formulation? Mushroom has a metallic finish. 

Lolita is described as a "shimmery taupe with pink undertones". From the description, it sounded almost exactly like Lhasa

Price: $6.99

Swatched over TFSI and in indirect sunlight

Lolita has a very subtle pink sheen. It's more gray than Lhasa (as you can see in the photo) but their finishes are quite similar. They both have a smooth satin-y finish.

My Pretty Zombie's F (from the W.T.F trio) [the WTF isn't what you think. Lol]
Price for the trio: $15.00

Swatched over TFSI in indirect sunlight

I didn't add a description from their site because they didn't have it. So here's mine ;P F is a silvery taupe with a metallic sheen. F is definitely more gray than Lhasa

According to their site, Smoking Gun is a " deep, smokey, grey-brown taupe with flashes of red". 

Price: $2.50 (petit size)
$5.90 (full size)

Swatched over TFSI and in indirect sunlight

In the jar, Smoking Gun looked almost the same shade as Lhasa which is why I chose it to participate in this dupe session. But as you can see, they are NOTHING alike! Smoking Gun is almost golden and very shimmery. 

The next two shades are both from Meow Cosmetics and are both limited edition so they're not on their site. Meow Cosmetics sometimes brings back their collections and sells them for a limited time. So, I can't link the listings for you or tell you their descriptions on these shades. 

Price: $1 (sample)
$8.50 (5 gram)
$10.25 (10 gram)

Swatched over TFSI and in indirect sunlight

Nightfall is a cool-toned shimmery gray with a pink sheen. The photo doesn't show the pink sheen but it definitely has a pink duochrome. 

Price: $1 (sample)
$8.50 (5 gram)
$10.25 (10 gram)

Swatched over TFSI and in indirect sunlight

Soft Porn is so far the closest dupe to Lhasa. It's not exact. The finishes are the same, though Soft Porn is more pigmented and a tiny bit darker. There's also a slight metallic cast over this shade as well. 

I must really love these shades because I just received my Chinovi Cosmetics order (a few samples) and apparently, I chose another similar shade -_-;;; [ Err... I just noticed that the baggie sample is quite lumpy, sorry. I accidentally deleted the photo of the baggie sample and just threw the bag onto my desk and took a pic. The sample itself is NOT lumpy. It's just the way I threw it on the table.]

Anyway, since Chinovi Cosmetics is brand new and just did a grand opening, the only prices she has are sample sets. I won't list them here...but I did link their site above. Check them out :)

Swatched over TFSI and in indirect sunlight

Smoke Out is another shade that is very similar to Lhasa. In fact, it's almost a dupe for Soft Porn, the differences between all three is that Smoke Out is a lot more shimmery. It also is a lot cooler and seems to be closer to Urban Decay's Mushroom than Lhasa [except more shimmery and metallic than Mushroom]. 

Lhasa is a very unique shade. I wish it were a little more pigmented though, so I don't have to pack on the color to get it to reach the pigmentation that I'd like. I love that it's a neutral shade. There's a slightly warm undertone with a cool shade on top. That's the only way I can describe it and it balances well. I also think it'll look great on anyone, no matter what skin tone they had.

There are many dupes out there and so far the closest one I've found would be a limited edition shade Meow Cosmetics' (Pleasures) Soft Porn

I hope you liked this review, thank you for reading :) I tried my best!

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