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Thursday, April 5, 2012

04.05.12 - OMG what happened to your blog?!

I've deleted all my posts. There were two that I wanted to keep but I must've deleted the others pretty fast because I ended up not even saving those posts. The posts were the GlamourDoll Eyes' OTM colors. X_x; Whoops! I'll probably just re-do them.

Anyway, why did I delete my posts? I've been thinking of making this a review blog. When I made this blog, it was supposed to be about whatever. Then, I made two more blogs, one personal (it's very boring, so unless you want to read it, I'll link it :P) and the other is for my innocent+twisted stuff. 

I don't know, I like the template of this blog and I thought it would fit perfectly for making it just for reviews and I have a ton of stuff anyway O_O;; It'll probably take me a LONG time, but I still want to do it ^_^;

I think I'll mostly be reviewing eyeshadows and blushes since those are my loves. I plan on following a certain format: 

That's the format I'd like to do. I thought the "DUPES" was a good idea. If I'm reviewing non-indie products, I'll include indie dupes (if I can find them/have them). 

I plan on posting my first review in the new format soon :) I'm quite excited about this. Then again, most things excite me. Lol! I'm quite excitable ;D~

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