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Monday, December 3, 2012

12.03.12 - Mon Ennui - Perfect Pinup Collection

I follow, Mon Ennui Cosmetics on Facebook. And they posted a preview to their holiday sets...

Early Black Friday morning, I couldn't sleep. [Mostly because I had to be up super early because I am a retail slave and had to work in the wee mornings too] Luckily, my friend was up too so we were texting/FB messaging each other back and forth. We were talking about indie companies and different places we were thinking of buying from on Black Friday

I told her that the first place I wanted to get was ________________. Yeah, I couldn't remember the name of the company! -_-; After much scrolling on FB and searches for every indie company I follow, I found it again! And like I said, it's for Mon Ennui Cosmetics.  It was for this particular set, the Perfect Pinup Collection. 

Honestly, I'm not much of a neutral fan but lately (you'll see in the future posts), I've been getting a LOT of neutral colors. Anyway, back on topic!

I had never ordered anything through my phone (err online, not by calling :P) before and was hoping I didn't have to log into my laptop. But I did! Yay!

 I got this a few days ago. Honestly, I thought it would ship out later because of it being Black Friday and them having a big sale. 

Anyway, this is what I ordered...

 Taken with a flash >_< This is how it came in... I love the packaging! ♥

 What the Perfect Pinup Collection came in...

 How it looked on the inside... So beautifully packaged :)

Honestly, I don't remember if I ordered this or not. I'm thinking I did, though. I don't remember and I accidentally tossed the receipt -_-; I smart. But, it's one of the duochrome colors... It was placed in this gorgeous damask-printed bag. ♥

Here it is...

Everything is swatched over TFSI and under an LED light

Mirage - Umm... don't mind the fiber that got caught under the lid. That was MY fault. I couldn't help but check out the shade and I guess it got caught when I closed the jar X_x;;; So, please excuse ME. NOT THE COMPANY. 

 Mirage is a green with a gorgeously strong red duochrome


Now, here are the Perfect Pinup Collection colors...

Cupid's Wing 
Cupid's Wing 

Prim and Proper

 Prim and Proper


 Go to Gal
Go to Gal

 Chocolate Cheesecake
 Chocolate Cheesecake

Cupid's Wing - though it looks a little yellow-toned in the jar is a matte, creamy white.

Prim and Proper - is a soft salmon pink color with golden shimmers.
On the site, it states that this is a pearl finish, but I don't think so...

 Vargas - Golden bronze with golden shimmers

 Go to Gal - is my favorite shade. It's a plum-taupe color. It's got a satin-y finish. Whereas, on the site, it says this is a matte shade. 

Chocolate Cheesecake - just the name of this makes me want a chocolate cheesecake. Lol. Anyway, this is a chocolate brown that's slightly metallic and very shimmery. 

What do I think of the colors? Gorgeous! The finishes are very slightly off from the site, but that's okay ^_^; I love how everything was packaged and the actual products were very nice. They blended well, they're not sheer but quite pigmented. Though, it is a little more expensive than most indie companies but that's because they use 10 gram jars instead of the standard 5 gram jars. Still, I really like this company and the products I had received. My favorite color would be Go to Gal. ^_^; Mostly because those types of colors are my favorite and the satin-y finishes are also my favorite. ^_^ So, definitely, check out their store and their products.

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