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Friday, June 15, 2012

06.15.12 - Frankenlippie #1

I was taking a break from packing orders and my friend has been bugging me about making a dupe for the Lipstick Queen's LE lipstick "Monarch". Since I don't know how to make lippies or ... haven't learned yet.. I decided to just do it the easy way. By FRANKENING!!! ^_^;;

Here, I used: Revlon's Lip Butters in: Raspberry Pie, Cherry Tart, and Red Velvet. Since there's a sheen and some sort of shimmer... I added some Aqua Sparks! and Travel to Neptune.

Here's how it came out:
It doesn't look like much in this photo... In fact, quite gloopy. That's cuz it was starting to harden and I had a hard time putting it in the jar -_-; 

 Here's what it looks like on the bottom of the jar. You can actually see it better.

So the color is kind of a raspberry with a turquoise sheen and aqua shimmer.

 Here's a hand swatch. You can see the shimmer in this swatch...

 Turned at an angle, here's the duochrome effect...

 Here it is lightly patted on my lips with my finger. [I made two jars, one for me and one for my friend, this one is obviously mine :P]. I don't really have a lip brush >_<

 Here's another view of it...

Here's a super close-up so you can see the sheen and shimmer ^_^;;

Why did I choose lip butters instead of lipsticks? That's because I wanted it to be moisturizing and the lip butters are very smooth and moisturizing. 

I admit, this is a little more berry toned than the actual Monarch, but I still really like it ^_^; And there's also no green shimmer in this, but that's only because I ran out of green shimmer ;__;

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