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Saturday, January 12, 2013

01.14.13 - Sugarpill - Hearbreaker Palette

When Sugarpill came out with their new Heartbreaker palette, my hands were itching to get it. But, I decided to wait....
So Christmas goes by and I receive some money from some relatives and I was like "Omg! I need to get the Heartbreaker palette!" And that's what I did. They, also, had an adorable keychain... and I'm such a sucker for cute things...-_-;

TAA DAA! Isn't she adorable!?! I'm still trying to figure out where to put her. 

Anyway, my order came in fairly quickly. I thought it would arrive later because it was the holiday season and Sugarpill is located a few hours away... but still ;P I thought it'd arrive a little later.

Here's the gorgeous packaging!!!! I love this illustration by Miss Kika

The back of the box...

BAM! Pink galore! Maybe I'm the only one, but I liked the black packaging from before. I think it's too pink for my eyes :P It's still really pretty but I liked the black one more. Just my opinion...

The back of the palette.

My lighting and camera hated the brightness of the colors, so they look a bit washed out in the pans... :/

Acidberry. The photo I took before this photo is more accurate in color. My camera decided it wanted to wash it out -_-;

Acidberry is a bright lime green color.

Velocity - bright royal blue

L-R: Acidberry & Velocity



2AM - Purple and has a slight blue-ish sheen

Mochi - I really wanted this palette mainly for this color and Acidberry :P

Mochi is mint color
L-R: 2AM and Mochi



I think I like this palette the most out of all the palettes that Sugarpill has put out. I believe it's because these colors appeal to me more. These eyeshadows are crazy pigmented! I love them! Yay!

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