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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

07.10.12 - Detrivore: the Graveyard Collection & Darkly Dreaming Collection

Detrivore had a sale awhile ago... and I grabbed up the two collections I had been eyeing for awhile: the Graveyard Collection and the Darkly Dreaming (which is a limited edition) set

The first two shades I have are the two samples which were included in my order. Everything was swatched in daylight and over TFSI. All descriptions are from the Detrivore website

L-R: Dormant & Diatom
Dormant is a deep blueish purple with heavy pink shimmer
Diatom is a golden brown satin shadow

Now, we'll go into the Graveyard Collection. From the site:

The Graveyard Collection is a collection of traditional neutral matte eye shadows. This collection is more like what most people expect from mineral makeup. Very soft, blendable, buildable colors. All of the colors in this collection are vegan friendly. 

I can't help but wonder how some of these names are pronounced ^_^;


L-R: Adipocere and Ossuary

Adipocere is a light gray eye shadow [It looks more blue-gray to me]
Ossuary is a light beige eye shadow



L-R: Tomb & Cemetary

Tomb is a brown eye shadow [I really love this shade! It's more of a gray-brown]
Cemetery is a light navy blue eye shadow. 



L-R: Hearse & Mortician

Hearse is a white eye shadow [Is it strange to love a matte white color? Because I love this!]
Mortician is a black eye shadow




L-R: Embalm, Casket, and Coffin

Embalm eye shadow is a pale orange color [This looks like a light beige to me]
Casket is a pink eye shadow
Coffin is a light plum eye shadow



L-R: Necropolis & Catacombs

Necropolis is a warm brown eye shadow
Catacombs is a purple eye shadow

Premature Burial



L-R: Premature Burial, Mourning, and Remains

Premature Burial is a warm light brown eye shadow
Mourning is a light beige eye shadow.
Remains is a dark brown eye shadow

Lol! I took the photo way too close, hence the two photos >_<




L-R: Sarcophagus, Autopsy, and Exhumation

Sarcophagus is a light brown neutral eye shadow
Autopsy is a warm beige eye shadow
Exhumation is a light taupe brown eye shadow.



Grave Digger

L-R: Formalin, Funeral, Grave Digger

Formalin eye shadow is an olive green color.
Funeral is a dark taupe brown eye shadow
Grave Digger is a warm brown eye shadow.


Now, here is the Darkly Dreaming Collection




L-R: Oracle, Lucid, and Schema

Oracle is a greyish light purple eye shadow with purple, teal, blue, and pink shimmer. 
Lucid is a bright purple eye shadow filled with purple, pink, and white shimmer. 
Schema is deep blue eye shadow with a velvet texture. Very intense and deep. 



L-R: Prediction & Catatonia

Prediction is a bright pink eye shadow with pink, purple, white, and blue shimmer.
Catatonia is a strange reddish copper color filled with shimmer.

Maybe it's the shades I've picked before but I always thought of Detrivore has a matte/semi-matte/satin-finish type of formula and they do it so incredibly well. But the Darkly Dreaming Collection also shows that they create gorgeous and sparkly shades too! 

I really love both collections and definitely URGE you to pick them up before they're gone (DARKLY DREAMING, people!! :P) ♥

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  1. I have a handful of these, but I don't have Tomb... I need to change that!!